About Will Salter

“I am one of those people that has to be outside a lot of the time. Nature is important to me on a day to day level and it is what helps me feel content. Photography is my passion, so combining the two makes sense to me.

My family and I moved to the Mornington Peninsula a few years ago. I found new meaning photographing the natural environment in which I now live. Sourcing photos in and amogst nature becomes like a hunt for me. I feel most alive when it is at it’s wildest, or I am wet up to my armpits, the wind is howling, or the sun is on the horizon.

The intimacy with the natural world is what I am trying to evoke in my photographs. I want my images to connect people to how they feel when amongst the elements. I hope that other’s find inspiration in my images of the natural landscape that surrounds me, and the beauty to be found within it.”