About Neil Williams

“I’ve always been drawn to the country. As a child I’d play in the local woods near my family home in Surrey, England. Often for hours on end – building camps, traipsing through fields and exploring golf courses.

Since 1997 my inspiration and home has been the Mornington Peninsula here in Australia, and again I find myself out exploring the countryside – sketching and painting constructed landscapes created by the tree and fence lined properties. I strip back the elements to simple abstracted forms and aim to draw the viewer into the work. These works become for me, links to my memories and the paths I have chosen in life.

Often however, I am not alone as I sit in a paddock sketching, the curious cattle bravely edge closer to me, and after a while they are comfortably grazing. This in turn has led me to focus my study on them, alongside the landscape they occupy.”

Neil studied fine art at Coventry University in England, is a founding member of the Cook Street Collective, runs a graphic design business Moocreative, and also curates the Montalto Sculpture Prize.