About Meghan

“Over the years, Meghan Amarasekera has continually exposed herself to a variety of craft techniques to broaden and develop her practice. Sterling silver, the staple material is more traditionally used in the contemporary world. Amarasekera uses the alloy, sterling silver, by soldering wire forms to create structural settings. Through experimentation, Meghan determines which elements will become key components of her object to best represent her vision of Parisian architecture.

In her accustomed method of research she commences by tracing, sketching, marking and painting. Subsequently, Meghan further develops the component by applying design principals such as repetition, mirroring and scaling before refinement. Researching into French Architecture Amarasekera expresses interest in some of the well-known characteristics using flowing lines, motifs, parabolas and hyperbolas. These features prominently appear in stain glass windows, floors, walls, lamps, windows, arches and doors. The Earrings created gives the impression of being highly personal and can be directed to anyone on an intimate level. It can be said that her pieces are distinctly reminiscent of the city. Returning straight to the source, Meghan draws on inspiration she’s influenced by from the 19th century. 

This style that Amarasekera is exploring, places her amongst other contemporary artists, specifically with painters who are like-mindedly exploring similar styles. Meghan’s interest in linear structures will only continue to establish through experiences outside of Australia, especially after her recent visit to Europe.